Alternative Body Connection

 Alternative Body Connection (ABC) uses a touch-based method to reconnect different

functions in the body. These connections re-establishes the body's energetic flow, which

stimulates healing. ABC addresses discomfort 

and offers the body the care it wants 

 to heal naturally.  


Immediate Attention

ABC understands what it means to live in pain; pain affects mood, appetite, mental health, relationships, job stability, and decreases quality of life. Our purpose is to bring immediate and long-lasting relief.​ 


Life happens. You may have experiences ranging from car accidents to giving birth. The body endures traumatic events and keeps going. The pain from these events haunts the body for years through compensation patterns. ABC has a long history of helping relieve pain associated with these events. 

Long Term Care

ABC understands you do not get to decide how you are injured. Some injuries require long term care. This option presented by ABC helps maintain a comfortable healthy lifestyle. 

 "I have spent 30 years learning how to use my hands as tools and listening to my patients' bodies as my guide. Oftentimes, people don't know how they end up in so much pain. The body knows and always remembers how the pain started. I help provide the healing connection."  

-Wilson Jordan